Working with the OT Framework

I’ve been working fairly consistently with the OT Framework, an application framework built on Zend Framework. I made the decision a little while ago to document what I’m using the framework for, and also how to do it. This will serve two purposes:

  1. References for my own application development
  2. Help out the community by showing how certain things are done in the OT Framework from my development point of view.

This is important because I’m not the owner of the OT Framework…I’m just a user. Hopefully that means I can make the instructions accessible to an audience like me, who can follow directions, but sometimes have problems coming up with new code from scratch.

The instructions/tutorials will be posted to the OT Blog (, but i’ll probably announce them here too. I plan to do a better job of posting our projects here, so potential clients can see what OIT Design can do for them.

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