Campus Recreation Sub-book Project

The Campus Recreation office, which is part of Student Affairs contracted with our office to replace their offline process of managing substitutions for shift-workers in their department.

New Website:

What problem are we trying to solve?

The campus recreation department employs many student workers, and like any student enrolled in a University, their schedules may change without much notice. Student workers would be able to submit a sub-request using a large book that was kept in a desk in one of the Gymnasium offices. This was the system of record for all shifts that were submitted, and which of those shifts were claimed. A student who wanted to pick up an extra shift would go to the book, see what had been written in, and put their name down to claim that shift.

Although this method ensured that all records were kept in one place, it meant that students had to actually physically go to this book to submit a sub request, and also to find out if someone had claimed a shift they themselves had posted. It also meant that the physical condition and security of this book was important, as it had information about everyone’s shifts. Theft or damage to this book would have caused major problems for the student workers in campus recreation.

The Solution

The entire process needed to be put online, using a database to efficiently store the information about shifts being posted and claimed. After an initial meeting to gather requirements with Carmichael staff, it became clear that the application to be built would save people a lot of time, and make the process of posting and claiming shifts a lot more efficient than using the physical book.

Students can now log in to the application, post a shift for a certain department and job type, and then wait to see if someone claims that shift. Emails are sent with confirmation information when shifts are posted, as well as claimed. Students are able to manage and change their shift information, as long as no one else has claimed that particular shift request. It’s was very important to be able to ensure that once a shift had been claimed, it could not be unclaimed, due to the original worker needing to know that someone would be taking over their shift (and not abandoning them at the last minute). Administrators have the ability to manage all shifts, and delete/edit them if an error, misuse or abuse has occurred.

The best benefit of the new application, is that being web-based, anyone can view and manage the sub-book process from anywhere. No longer do they need to walk or drive to the gymnasium to find out or post information about their work schedules.

Sample Screenshots of the New Application