GoLinks now mobile friendly

The NC State Go Links service is now a little more mobile friendly.

Different mobile devices have different capabilities, and therefore different methods of rendering web sites. The three device types that Go Links now supports are:


The iPhone/Android device type supports more features, and as a result will get a richer experience when viewing a Go Link. These devices will continue to be able to see the target of the Go Link on the same screen, as well as the options to share the link on common social networks, email, contact the link owner, or report misuse/abuse.

Smart Phones

Smart Phones don’t deal very well with iFrames, and so the default action for these devices, is to display a link to continue to the target URL, and then below that display the share/contact/report links.

Feature Phones

Feature Phones are basically plain text devices, and so Go Links honors that by providing a set of text links only to the various options (continue to the target URL, share, contact, report).

Putting a screen in front of the Go Link’s target for the Smart and Feature Phone devices ensures the integrity of the service by continuing to allow visitors to report misuse if they find a link that violates policy or acceptable use. It does introduce an extra step for these visitors to continue to the target, but I believe this is an acceptable inclusion to provide resources that ensure the Go Links service remains trustworthy.

So….test it out….and hopefully this small change will improve the adoption rate of this useful service. At the very least, it should be a welcome improvement for users of mobile devices that want to access Go Links.