Streamlined Mobile Themes for Go Links

After the launch of GoLinks and shortly after, the Mobile-friendly versions of GoLinks, I requested and received feedback.

Most of the feedback was positive, and all of it was constructive. One of the common requests was for a streamlined mobile version without the sharing buttons (social media services), or at least with those buttons being less intrusive. After all, screen real estate on mobile devices is at a premium.

I listened, requested a little more specific feedback which was quickly returned, and then set about figuring out the right way to address these needs.

The prerequisites for GoLinks are:

  • Must provide a link to Report Abuse or Misuse of the service
  • Must provide a link to Contact the Link Owner
  • Must provide a method to close the toolbar and go to the target of the Go Link.

I realized that the social media services did not fall into this list of prerequisites, and shortly after made the decision that they simply needed to be removed from the Mobile-friendly themes.

So now, whenever someone visits a GoLink on an iPhone, Android, or SmartPhone, they will get these 3 options (report, contact, close) and that’s all. This saves important screen real estate, and allows the link owners to present the target in a more usable way than before.

Thanks must go to all who provided feedback, with particular mention to Tito Sierra and Joe Ryan from the NC State Library.