Go Links + QR Codes…a perfect match!

NC State Go Links now has QR Codes. If you are so excited about this, and want to stop reading so you can check it out….all you need to know is that there is a new tab on your link details screen.



Now for the longer explanation…

What are QR Codes?

A QR code is a two-dimensional bar code that can store various types of information — anything from URLs to text to contact information. It’s a really simple way to link a physical object in the world to the internet. They call this a “hardlink” or a “physical world hyperlink.”

How should I use this with NC State GoLinks?

  • Create a go link, then print the QR Code on a publication, a poster, or paint it on a wall somewhere.
  • Then when you decide to change the target of the link, you don’t have to reprint or repaint anything.
  • The QR Code will automatically pick up the new target, and send people there.

How do I scan it?

If you’ve got an iPhone, we recommend the AT&T Code Scanner or NeoReader. If you’ve got an Android device, it’s got a QR scanner already built in! Just scan the code, and you’ll be taken to the target of this link.

How does it work?

The QR Code generation is done by Google’s Charts API, which makes it super easy. All you need to do to create a QR Code for any website address is change the last part of this URL, and then make it the source of an image:

  • http://chart.apis.google.com/chart?cht=qr&chs=300×300&choe=UTF-8&chld=H&chl=https://oitdesign.ncsu.edu

(which outputs this image for you to use)

Why did I add QR Codes to Go Links?

This feature addition makes it super easy for NC State to adopt QR Codes without worrying about what they target. Using a QR Code to point to a Go Link removes the risk of having to reprint anything if the target needs to change at a later date.

Plus…it’s really cool and new.


Hope you like this feature…it’s pretty neat if you ask me.