Go Links: Removal of Social Media buttons

After much consideration, the social media buttons have been removed from the Go Links tool bars and custom themes. There were many reasons to remove them…and here’s the most important of them:

  • They will potentially conflict with a target site’s own sharing options, making it confusing for the visitor which set they should use
  • They creates the future problem of which social media services to include, and will cause unnecessary debate over which should be listed, and which should be left out.
  • They cause the scope of what the Go Links service provides to creep into unneeded territory, rather than sticking to what it’s supposed to do….provide a shortened URL for a target website

I received much feedback about these buttons, and after careful consideration, I realized that the only necessary buttons that need to appear on the toolbar for Go Links, are the 3 that now remain:

  1. Report Abuse/Misuse
  2. Contact the Link Owner
  3. Close the Toolbar

Any other buttons are unnecessary, and distract from the real purpose of the service.

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback, and hopefully this small change will improve your experience with Go Links.