Go Links: Optional Statistics

Today, a change was implemented in the Go Links application (http://go.ncsu.edu) that allows link owners the ability to choose whether or not they want to collect statistics.

Why the change?

Previously, statistics were on by default. A row was inserted into the database for every hit a link received. As you can imagine, a lot of rows were inserted into the database (58,219 to be exact at time of writing), many of which may never be acknowledged or examined. This represented an issue for the size of the database becoming bloated as the Go Link service gains popularity.

To prevent any future problems stemming from unnecessary database inserts, all new Go Links have statistics set as disabled until the owner toggles this setting to “enabled.”

What do link owners need to do?

  • No action is needed by link owners to continue to collect statistics on existing links.
  • Only new links that are created after 11:45am April 4th, 2011 will need to take action to enable statistics.
  • Statistics are configured from each link’s detail screen after logging in.
  • This setting is exposed via the API as well (keepStats = enabled / disabled).

Hopefully this change will continue to serve the needs of current and future Go Link creators, while avoiding unnecessary bloat of the underlying database.

Go Links” is a link shortening service for NC State University, and is located at http://go.ncsu.edu.