Go Links: Get Specific QR Code Stats

Go Links provides QR Codes automatically with every link. That’s old news.

Up until now, all hits to QR Codes were registered and added to the total hit count for that Go Link. But…you could not tell if someone visited the Go Link by typing in the URL, or by scanning a QR code.

That was then….now…

…when you scan a QR Code, a hit is registered as a modifier. To view how many hits your QR Codes receive, just go to the Statistics page for your link, and click on the “Modifiers” tab.¬†Look for the entry for “:qr” —- that’s the number of times your QR code has been scanned.

Things to Note:

  • Statistics must be enabled for your link in order to collect, well, statistics.
  • This is not retroactive. If you printed out, or used a QR Code before November 4th, 2011…the modifier will not be used.
  • Only hits to QR Codes used after November 4th will be counted using the new modifier.