WordPress Theme for Campus

As many of you know, the popularity of WordPress on campus is already high and growing all the time. I wanted to help folks embrace WordPress and campus branding a little more easily so I’ve put together a theme and it’s now available for download via Github. Want a demo? We’ve decided to eat our own dog food (so to speak…) and the theme is enabled for this site, oitdesign.ncsu.edu.

A few notes about the theme…
It’s a child theme of twentyeleven so you will need to make sure that theme is installed, available and un-modified in your WordPress environment.
The theme has several color schemes and layouts available. There’s also about a dozen NC State-specific header images you can use, or you can upload your own. In addition the theme has template options that allow you to remove the header altogether.
The theme is still under construction and will be updated from time to time as new features are available or corrections needed. Keep an eye out for WordPress notifications when a new version has been released to Github. You should see a link to update to the new version, but please note that you will need to reapply some of your site customizations after an update.
I encourage you to use this theme with the NC State Branding Bar plugin, developed by Outreach Technologies. As a reminder, there is also a WRAP Authentication plugin available for NC State sites.

Any questions? Concerns? Feature requests or comments? Feel free to contact us at oitdesign@ncsu.edu. We may not be able to make all the requests available and please understand, the level of support we can offer may be limited. But we’ll do our best to work with and respond to anyone who’s interested in using the theme.