Go Links by the numbers

Go Links was (and in some sense still is) a side-project. I was not asked to build it, but I knew its worth, having built something similar at a previous institution. Statistics are helpful for link owners, but they are also helpful for me, the developer, to see how popular the service is. It’s grown to be a vital service for campus, which is somewhat visible in the numbers below.

The first hit for a Go Link was recorded on October 14th, 2010. Here are the numbers as of today (July 2nd, 2012…. 628 days later)

  • Total Active Go Links: 6,523
  • Total Go Links pointing to an “ncsu.edu” URL: 5,484
  • Total Go Links not pointing to an “ncsu.edu” URL: 1,039
  • Total number of hits on Go Links: 741, 562
  • Top 5 individual Go Link hit counts: 122,588 | 51,692 | 40,753 | 30,476 | 28,367
  • Most hits in a single day for an individual Go Link: 3505 (November 30, 2011)
  • Most hits in a single month for an individual Go Link: 17,829 (April 2012)
  • Most hits in a single year for an individual Go Link: 40,228 (2011)

Interested in more statistics about Go Links? Contact me and I’ll see if i can get the answers from the data that’s being collected.