Go Links gets a new prefix

As a result of a recent printing mistake/oversight that was communicated to OIT Design, the Go Links service will now work correctly for the following URL prefixes:

So what?

Before 2:40pm today (January 4th, 2013):

After 2:40pm today (January 4th, 2013):

Which one should I use?
  • go.ncsu.edu == better, faster, stronger. Choosey users choose go.ncsu.edu.
  • www.go.ncsu.edu ==  slower, but will still appear to work the same way for visitors to Go Links. It has to rewrite to www.go.ncsu.edu to become go.ncsu.edu and then after that, go and look for which link is being requested.

Thanks to….

A big thanks goes to Charles Brabec (OIT Shared Services) for implementing the new feature and saving people from having to reprint a lot of pages with incorrect URLs.