Go Links keeps on ticking… Surpassing 2.5 Million Hits

Go Links launched in October of 2010, and between then and September 27th 2012 it recorded slightly over a million hits. That’s a million hits in 728 days (give or take a few). That works out to be approximately 1300 hits per day for the 7503 links that existed.

Today, on May 13th 2013 (229 days later), Go Links has surpassed 2.5 Million Hits. At the time I started writing this post, the hit count was 2,673,926. That’s an average of over 7000 hits per day, every day since September 27th 2012…. or almost 2800 hits per day since Go Links was originally launched in 2010. Now there are 10,281 links (2778 added since than 9/27/12)

You can drill down into the statistics here if you’re interested.

What does this mean?

For me, the Service Owner and Developer, it means that I need to do some analysis and upgrades so Go Links doesn’t crumble under the weight of its popularity. Over the next couple of months, I will be rewriting pieces (large pieces) of the code to be much more efficient….which is something any 3 year old application needs to undergo anyway.

It also means that some underused or ignored functionality will be removed. These decisions will be based on data and actual usage, rather than any subjective opinion. With this many links, and 733 unique link owners, it’s important that we make supportable decisions.

Any changes already decided upon?

One change that is almost inevitable, is to remove the “Theme” feature, so that all links are more simply directed to the target URL. The theme feature, while necessary in the beginning to help people understand what Go Links were, and to provide feedback mechanisms, cause a couple of problems: (1) increased load on the server, (2) increased complexity inside the application code, and (3) Mobile & Printer formatting problems.

When will any changes happen?

I am actively working on some of the changes behind the scenes, but there will be no visible changes to the production Go Links service without a larger announcement on sysnews. That announcement will be cleared with the Change Advisory Board (CAB) and a date will be set (hopefully sometime this summer). Go Link owners will not have to worry too much about down time, as the changes will most likely happen overnight, or at least during non-business hours.


If you have any initial questions about Go Links, or anything in the post above, please contact me at oitdesign@ncsu.edu.

And now, at the end of this post, the hit count is 2,677,093 (3,167 hits in about 30 minutes…. i guess the start of the day is the busy time 🙂