WordPress Updates for Campus

A few items of note recently. First of all our buddies over in Engineering have decided to embrace WordPress in a big way and plan to start using it for many of their projects and faculty needs. We’ve already been in conversation with several of the guys over there including Bill, Jason M., Dustin, etc. I’m super-excited to see what we can do together, and what WordPress can do for campus once we have a few more resources and man-hours to throw at it. Thanks very much to the Engineering guys for reaching out to us and I can’t wait to really get going!

Along those lines some of the Engineering developers have been working on updates to the WRAP plugin for WordPress. Once I know more about that and have an official release I’ll link to it and post more info. Meanwhile OIT has been trying to reconfigure our Brand Bar plugin to make it more responsive. Frustratingly, the current brand bar breaks the responsive layout of many of our themes so we’re trying to put together an accessibility-friendly workaround for that. Hope to have it out soon.

And finally I’ve added some functionality to the OIT Flex WordPress theme and pushed an update to version 1.05 (probably will update to 1.06 before EOB today). I’ve created a new template which replaces the header image with a news and profile image slider. Simply tag your posts with the ‘feature’ category (which gets added automatically on theme install) and then set your homepage or news page to the slider template and you’re ready to go. The theme needs a few more tweaks, particularly as I work on ensuring that the slider is responsive, but it should be functional with the latest release so feel free to check it out on Github.

My conference got me excited about Bootstrap and I want to try something out with Bootstrap for NCSU… so as long as I can get some work done and stay out of meeting for a bit hopefully I’ll be back here soon with more theme news. Check back soon!