Update to OIT Flex Theme

A report came in yesterday that IE compatibility mode was displaying the OIT Flex theme without CSS so I set about researching the problem. Curiously the theme worked fine with compatibility mode OFF, but this “feature” provided by IE to render sites with an older version of IE (technically it’s the IE 7 rendering engine), was causing the primary stylesheet not to be called.

I spent a good deal of time on Google for this one and sadly, none of the solutions I found were correct. Ultimately IE was unhappy because I was using media queries to call my CSS, a change I made about a year ago when I improved the theme’s responsive design. IE7 and prior versions (including the compatibility view rendering engine) could not understand the media query call. Ultimately a very easy fix – just one that took a little while to identify.

As a reminder, anyone using the OIT Flex theme will automatically be notified of all updates pushed to the theme’s Gitbub repo with the Theme Updater plugin. The plugin will also allow auto-updates of the theme, which you should do in the “Themes” menu area, not with the “Updater” (this causes you to have to reconfigure the site). Let me know if you come across any other bugs.

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    Glad you were able to get it! I’d be interested to know what you had to change to make IE happy in compatibility mode.

    No idea if it would have been useful in this situation… for media queries in versions of IE < 9, I've used Respond.js with some success: https://github.com/scottjehl/Respond

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