The Latest on OIT Flex for WordPress…

Some of our very astute and dedicated followers (if we have such a thing) might notice that the look of this site has changed quite significantly. In an attempt to match the new campus brand we’re working on updates to the OIT Flex theme that is used by many sites on campus. We’re still in the early phases – testing, double-checking our accessibility, and mobile experience, trying out some theme variations – but we hope to make this available soon in the new year. This site gets to be our guinea pig.

In the meantime we’re also looking for solutions for updating this theme in our various environments. In the past we’ve used the Theme Updater plugin to seamlessly prompt for updates when we pushed a change to Github. Sadly that plugin is no longer being maintained so we’re taking some time to look for other solutions that will allow us to do this update without impacting the configurations for those already using OIT Flex. Hopefully we’ll have more good news on that front in the new year as well.

In the meantime we’re keeping busy with our client projects, internal projects (more to come on these soon…), our own project management efforts, and lots of other to-do items as we look to roll into a very busy 2015. Enjoy your holiday break and we’ll see you next year!