WordPress “Office Hours”

Anyone who has spent time on a college campus probably knows about office hours. Traditionally they’re set by faculty so that their students have a time they can come by and meet with the professor face-to-face to get feedback on their semester, help with an assignment — whatever they need.

Avent Ferry Complex
2114 Avent Ferry Road, Room 106

Our office wants to do the same for WordPress. As of April 10th, we’re announcing the availability of WordPress Office Hours. From 9am until noon every Friday morning OIT Design staff will be available in room 106 of the Avent Ferry Complex, 2114 Avent Ferry Road.

The idea is that anyone who has WordPress questions, whether it be detailed problems with a specific site or generic questions about the tool and how it can be used, can come by and talk with us. We’ll be able to take time one-on-one and offer advice or walk you through a process or look for the right solution for your WordPress problem.

Due to our schedules you may find only one of us here but usually we’ll both be available on any given Friday. While you do not have to be clients of ours – we’re happy to help anyone who wants to come by – please understand that if we don’t have access to your site, or know how it was built, there may be a limit to the amount of help we can provide.

So that’s the deal! Hopefully this will be something that people are anxious to take advantage of and find helpful. We’ve already had one successful test and I think that many folks on campus will find it helpful to know they have some place to go for face-to-face assistance. By all means, if you have feedback about this new service please let us know! You can email us at oitdesign@ncsu.edu.