Featured Site: “All About Corgis”

OIT Design provides the NC State community with its WordPress Blogs service. Any student, staff, or faculty member can create a website (or many websites) free of charge using their Unity ID and password. A WordPress site will be instantly generated for you at [thenameofyoursite].wordpress.ncsu.edu.

This is an ideal platform for a personal profile page, a portfolio, a class project, or even just as a place to experiment and get to know WordPress a little better.

It’s also the perfect place to share with the world your love of corgis.

All About CorgisCorgis, as you’ll learn at the All About Corgis site, are easy to train dogs and come in two types of breeds. This site is a surprisingly useful resource for learning more about this popular and diminutive type of dog.

Curious about what else is happening on NC State’s WordPress Blogs service? You can see all of the public and searchable blogs at wordpress.ncsu.edu/blog-sites/sites/.

(Don’t want your site included on that list? You can hide it and tell Google not to search it under Dashboard > Settings > Reading. Check the box labeled “Discourage search engines from indexing this site.”)

Many of the sites on the service are test sites and don’t have much content. But there are some really great examples of members of the NC State community sharing something they love or something they’re proud of.