OIT Design Staffing Announcements

Lots of changes and excitement for OIT Design these days! We were delighted to get Brian in here as a dedicated WordPress person this past fall and now we’re happy to announce we’ve been given the go-ahead to hire another position for WordPress support and development. We can’t tell you how much we’re excited about being able to improve our offerings to campus, our support, and our own business processes. Stay tuned for more information about the position and the person we hire!

In other staffing news we were recently able to add a new part-timer person to our roster. David Mueller will be working with clients on content review and migration, along with assisting with our routine maintenance and support tasks. You may begin to see emails from him in the coming weeks and months. We’ll also get him in here to write a blog post at some point – he has an undergrad degree in writing so no doubt he’ll be much more eloquent than Brian and I!

Finally, we have a very busy summer coming up personally! David, Brian, and I are all engaged and getting married at some point in the next few months. I’m actually first to go – my wedding will be next weekend, May 16. Please note that my last name will be changing from ‘Riehle’ to ‘McFarland’ so emails might look a bit different – we’re hoping to minimize confusion.

Thanks all! Happy graduation and hope everyone has a wonderful summer!