OIT Design Services, By The Numbers

The current fiscal year ends on June 30, and we’ve been hard at work closing out projects and preparing for a wave of new work starting July 1. This seems like a good time to share some numbers.

  • 29 – Sites in our Hosted Drupal service. We’re discontinuing Hosted Drupal in the coming fiscal year, so most of these clients are already in the process of transitioning to another service.
  • 40+ – Sites in our Hosted WordPress service. The exact number is a little bit in flux, but the number of sites in Hosted WordPress has more than doubled in the last year.
  • 690+ – Sites in our WordPress Blogs environment. The exact number changes on a day-to-day basis, but the number of sites in this service has more than doubled as well– there were about 340 sites this time last year.
  • 140 – Web hosting accounts through OIT, separate from the services listed above. We have maintenance and design clients with many of these sites as well.
  • 60+ – Number of sites in the DASA WordPress multisite. Jen wrote about that project last week, and we’re eager to use the multisite model with some of our other large clients.

Looking ahead to the next fiscal year, we have some big projects coming up, plus some exciting internal changes: new WordPress themes, new staff, and interns!