WordPress usage on campus has dramatically increased, both through OIT Design’s services and with the help of groups like ITECS and Web Communications. In a university community with lots of expertise and lots of beginners learning the basics, we haven’t always done a great job of sharing knowledge across groups or experience levels.

We’d like to change that, and begin building a more collaborative culture around WordPress services at NC State. To that end, I’d like to announce the launch of

What is it? is a question-and-answer forum for the NC State WordPress community. In order to post a question, you must log in with your Unity ID and password.

For our initial launch, the forum is divided into four subcategories: Basics of WordPress, OIT Design’s free WordPress Blogs service, OIT Design’s premium Hosted WordPress service, and Advanced WordPress Topics. Depending on how it’s used, we may expand the forum to include more categories relating to how WordPress is used at NC State.

What else is it? is also a hub of resources for campus WordPress users, with links to documentation, IT support staff, and information for developers. If there’s something you use regularly that you think the rest of us would benefit from—or if there’s something you’ve been looking for and you think should be included—post about it in the forums or email us at

Doesn’t NC State already have a Help Desk?

Yes, and they do a fantastic job! But this is a little different.

If you have a problem with your WordPress site, you should absolutely continue to visit the Help Desk or 919.515.HELP (4357). That’s still the best way to get help when your site goes down, your users get locked out, you’ve got an error message you don’t understand, or something else has gone wrong.

But if you have a question, or if you’re looking for a way to add a new function to your website, or if you’re just curious about how something works, is the place for you. Chances are, someone else at NC State either already has a solution, or will benefit when you find the answer. This is an opportunity to share knowledge and support one another.

Who maintains this site? is hosted as a part of our free WordPress Blogs service and is managed by us a OIT Design. OIT Design staff (me, Jen, David, and our new interns Thi and Will) will be monitoring the questions posted and responding in a timely manner.

But this isn’t just OIT Design answering questions. We’d like you—yes, you!—to be involved. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned multisite administrator, the whole campus community will benefit from your perspective and experience.

This sounds great! How do I get started?

Head over to to start asking your questions and answering the questions posted by your NC State colleagues!