Every week the full-time staff of OIT Design spends their Friday at co-working. As we’ve mentioned in the past we use some of this time to make ourselves available for office hours. But this is truly a joint time and space for folks from all over campus to come and talk about web issues.

Every Friday, web designers and developers, applications programmers, and others on campus who work with the web come to 106 Avent Ferry and work in a shared space for the day. It’s not mandatory or anything; some folks only come for a morning or afternoon, some only once or twice a month. But often times we wind up with a good collection of 5-10 people and we’re able to share ideas, get help from each other, communicate updates on our projects, and offer suggestions for things campus might need that we can work on together.

Co-working is a concept jointly conceived of by some of OCC’s previous staff and has been going on at NC State for more than three years. Originally we started as a more formal group – we used to schedule presentations every week! Eventually it got to be a bit too overwhelming, and over the years the numbers of people who attend weekly has ebbed and flowed. But regardless of the demands of our individual jobs the benefits of sharing knowledge seems to bring folks back time and again. And we do continue to use this time for the occasional presentation, Q&A for major updates, or rollouts, and of course, for office hours.

Co-working has certainly been a very successful endeavor for campus and I think it’ll be around for years to come. In fact I’d love to expand it some and see folks from other school’s or even alumni of NC State positions return for the occasional chat and check-in. Anything we can do to put that fancy buzz word – collaborate – into action. And if you’re at NC State and involved with the web you should definitely come out sometime and join us!