Making it look good – Part 1

A common problem facing many people who are working to improve their online presence, especially those who have very little experience with web design, is trying to find ways to make their particular identity known, and making it look good. Ever since the dawning of the first web browser in the early 1990s, intensive studies and countless experiments have been devoted to understanding how we, as users, interact with content online. Fortunately for us, a lot of what we already know about art, human interaction, and an array of patterns already exists from long before the era of the internet, to guide us to more familiar territory.

Without getting too abstract, I’d like to highlight just a handful of areas where I feel people new to the concept of web design seem to flounder. There is no one-stop-shop for creating the perfect website, and many of the points I want to highlight can potentially be dug into much deeper than the intended scope of this series of articles. But taking under consideration these few areas can help bring your website up to par with your competition and allow you to stand out as an organization.

Stay tuned for future posts devoted to this topic!

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