Fall Conference Recap

Fall is my favorite time of year and one of the reasons for that is because of all the great conferences out there. I’ve helped plan and run many a conference in my day and I think they’re such a great way to learn, network, event just touch base with people you haven’t seen in awhile. So for me conferences are another great part of fall.

That said, this year I went a bit overboard. This wasn’t my fault but I wound up with three conferences scheduled within two weeks of each other – and I was scheduled to present at all three…

Sorry to say that I didn’t quite make it – just too much going on. I came down with a cold the day after WordCamp and wound up not making it to the third and final conference, UNC CAUSE. Big kudos to Leslie Dare and her colleague Justin who presented without me. Thanks, guys!

As for the other two conferences, both were very interesting an offered a lot of useful information. I’d like to recap them in more detail – it’s far too much to try to squeeze several days of sessions into one post – so they’ll probably be the subject of future posts. I do want to take a moment to share my presentations from HighEdWeb and WordCamp for anyone interested.

HighEd Web: Redefining Content with Infographics
[slideshare id=53558370&doc=highed15-151005165136-lva1-app6891]

WordCamp: Making WordPress Work for Education
[slideshare id=53775157&doc=wponcampus-151010175314-lva1-app6892]

So tune in next time for a recap of these conferences. Plus these are just MY fall conferences. Brian will be headed to Event Apart in November so look for a recap of that to come. And check backĀ for next fall since I will be co-chair of the UNC CAUSE conference and will probably wind up over-scheduledĀ once again!