WordPress 4.4, Spring WP Training

It’s my turn to indulge the masses (all two of you) with the latest and greatest out of the OIT Design office and abroad, and luckily, there’s no shortage of good news.


WordPress as an oEmbed provider

For starters, WordPress 4.4 “Clifford” is out as of last night, and it brings quite a few good things to the table. For our clients, one new feature is the move to make WordPress an oEmbed provider, which makes it easier for consumers to embed content from any WordPress site. Developers will have greater control over how WordPress content looks when it’s embedded in someone else’s site. For users who have already been using oEmbed functionality to incorporate 3rd party content into their site, it will be an added convenience knowing the same can be done with WordPress sites, simply by writing the url of the content directly into a post.

Responsive image handling

Images in WordPress will be handled more effectively, with the addition of some new attributes which helps browsers select the most appropriate image size to render, saving bandwidth and ensuring that users see images the way they were intended to, along with catering to the device they happen to be using. This works hand in hand with the fact that WordPress already generates several sizes of each image that gets uploaded to the media library. You can read more about the changes and improvements here

New WordPress Theme — Twenty-Sixteen 

Along with the plethora of core updates that come with upgrading to 4.4, a new theme has been released, making use of many of the new features being implemented.

2016 is a modern approach that brings many unique touches to the blog format. It also includes several different color combinations, allowing you to customize the kind of experience you want users to have with relative ease. It also features a mobile-first design that looks great on all devices and screen sizes.

You can read more about the new theme and its features at the WordPress core blog. We won’t try to speak for all the awesome details.

WordPress Training (seats go quick!)

The New Year is fast approaching, and with it comes a brand new lease on life (for some people). To encourage that productive and optimistic attitude we know you have, there’s a lineup of WordPress Basics training available for the next four months! If you were on the fence about bringing your department or brand online, let us show you all the ways WordPress can help you make it happen by attending one of our classes at the Avent Ferry Technology Center.

The following are the class offerings for the Spring semester. Classes generally run about 2 hours in length and are open to any and everyone.