OIT Training

The OIT site launch has been a successful venture and things are moving along smoothly. To encourage content generation that is standardized, and also so the new OIT site can avoid some of the pitfalls that plagued its predecessor, the OIT Design group is hosting OIT Staff WordPress training throughout this month, taking place either in the Hillsborough Building, Room B3 on Wednesdays from 12 pm until 2 pm, or at Avent Ferry Technology Center, Room 108 on Fridays from 9 am until 11 AM. The last event will take place on Friday, February 5th.

Training may be held by Brian DeConinck, Jen Riehle, myself, or any combination of the three, and will consist of topics similarly covered in our “Basics of WordPress” class, albeit more specifically catering to the OIT site, being sure to mention some of the unique features available to content managers of the OIT site, especially those organic to WordPress as well as functionality added through plugins. We think you’re going to love them. Quite frankly, it’s hard to not be thrilled about the transition.

For the more savvy, even if you are familiar with WordPress, we highly recommend that you attend at least one of the training sessions (or more, if that’s your prerogative). We will highlight some of the bad habits that formed during the previous iteration, and how we combat them in the new site (for example, using tables for things that shouldn’t be using tables). It’s also a great opportunity to ask questions that relate specifically to your area of responsibility.

There is no required registration, however you may be asked to “check in” during your session so we can have a general consensus of who has (or hasn’t) attended.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!