PSA: Git Basics Class Offering


In an effort to bring the idea of version control to more audiences on campus, the Design group at the Office of Information Technology is investigating the possibility of putting together a Basics of Git class, along similar lines as our current ‘Basics of WordPress’ sessions. The bulk of this class would likely be hands-on exercises, however I haven’t quite figured out what the ideal format should be, in order to maximize benefit; some people learn better by doing, and Git is definitely going to fall into that category.

Also along the same lines as our WordPress course, the Git basics class would spend a little time explaining the methodology behind version control, why we use it, and how it gets implemented into a text-based project. Unfortunately, covering all of the nuances of version control in general is a monumental task, and could easily take an entire day. With this in mind, we will be careful not to dig too deeply.

Overall, the course will primarily focus on making use of the CLI for Git, with some time left over to discuss some of the GUI applications available. However, depending on the feedback, GUI discussion may be more pronounced.

We are fairly unsure of the target audience that would interested in taking advantage of this course, so we’re expecting class sizes to generally be fairly small. That being said, we’d love to hear your feedback. If a ‘Basics of Git’ would be useful to you or members of your group, let us know using the Google forms link below.