Summer fun for OIT Design!

Actually, not exactly fun… But anyway.

For those who are paying attention, as you may know, the three of us (Brian, Jen, and myself) wear many hats. To stay relevant and competent in the budding field of web design and development, one truly has to be capable of handling a variety of ultimately very different tasks.

One of my many hats includes a campaign hat. Having been in the Army Reserves for a little over a decade, in 2010 I felt it was time for me to indulge my love for training and teaching, and decided to attend the US Army Drill Sergeant Academy. Since then, every year I have gone to Fort Jackson to work with dozens of other instructors like myself to train future Army soldiers and officers. This year will be no different (although it will be a considerably longer mission than previous ones).

So as I take off one hat (temporarily, I promise) and put on another, I want to wish everyone a fun and safe summer! We are already in the thick of planning substantial client projects throughout the next several months which will certainly come with new and interesting challenges.

See you in a month!