We’re internet famous

As I mentioned in an earlier post last year, some of us have gotten involved with WP Campus, a group focused on WordPress usage in Higher Education. The group is very new – in fact their first (hopefully) annual conference is a mere two weeks away – July 15-16 in Sarasota, Florida. Brian will be attending, so stay tuned for a full recap.

In an effort to contribute to this fledgling community Brian and I recently volunteered to take a lead on the WP Campus Digital Media Initiative. We’re changing up the format a little and aiming for one podcast a month – to be released (hopefully) on the first of each month. We released our first this past Friday, July 1st (On time! YES!) and it was a great talk with Shane Perlman, a developer at Modern Tribe.¬†Shane recently spearheaded a massive survey regarding WordPress use in higher ed and got a great response. We were able to grill Shane for over an hour on the results, what they mean, trends he saw, and potential insights we can glean from the responses. You can check us out online (below) or download the podcast via iTunes. Or even better, subscribe and you can get all our awesome podcast content FOR ALL TIME.

Ideas for future podcasts? Questions? Feedback? Contact us!