The Busy Season

So first of all, we need to make everyone aware that we will not be having our usual office hours next Friday, October 7th. Brian and I will be at a conference in Winston-Salem and, as previously mentioned, Chris has moved to a new position and will not be available. So office hours are closed Friday, Oct. 7.

Which brings us to the larger issue. Fall is always a super-busy time for us. There are lots of big projects moving forward, plus our usual on-campus support and training requirements. Add to that all the conferences we have in the fall – 3 for Jen and 2 for Brian – and the fact that we’re often presenting and/or woking at the conferences. And for good measure remember that this year we’re a man down, and in the process of hiring. It’s the Murphy’s Law of things that the timing really couldn’t be much worse (although I’m gonna knock on some wood for good measure in case I jinxed myself).

All this is to say that I hope you’ll be patient with us as we push through the next few weeks. With any luck we’ll be able to find a great Chris 2.0 and get them up to speed in no time. In the meantime please remember to email with questions or concerns. We’ll do our best to respond as quickly as we can.