As mentioned in previous posts, it’s a busy month for OIT Design. One of our major side-projects is the occasional involvement in UNC CAUSE. This is an organization made up of IT staff from the 17 colleges of the UNC System. Every year there’s an annual conference and every three years the easter, western, and central regions take turns hosting. And this was our year.

With NC State as the “hosting” school, OIT was involved in several ways, and notably we (Design) were very committed this year. Our boss, Sarah Noell is chair-elect of the CAUSE organization and I was the co-chair alongside last year’s co-chair, Josh Weaver from NC A&T. In addition, I roped Brian into helping with the Program Committee (and various other tasks that popped up along the way…). Our involvement, plus the help of most of the rest of the staff in Outreach, Communications, & Consulting (OCC), meant the office was a very lonely place indeed for most of last week!

While this is an IT conference it’s not particularly web-focused. This year Brian contributed to the web discussion by talking about the NC State Shortcodes plugin he’s been developing, and that was a great presentation! We’re really pleased with how that plugin has shaped up and its flexibility to work with, and deliver NC State branded design, to lots of diverse themes.

In all, I think the conference was a success; I heard lots of positive things. I will once again the the co-chair next year (it’s a two year gig), however the western schools will be “hosting” so my hope is that there will be less overheard for other NC State staff.

If you have any questions about the event feel free to visit the website or drop us a note; we’re happy to talk about our experiences in conference planning! And more information on the UNC CAUSE organization can be found online as well. If you work in IT at a NC higher-ed institution, you should check us out!