WPCampus Comes to a Computer Near You

If you’re actually reading these blog posts, chances are you might be a WordPress fan. As you probably already know most of the work we do is in WordPress and we’re happy to be a part of a larger community that contributes ideas for smart, accessible, efficient ways of managing web content. This is especially important in higher education where branding, training, and costs can be challenges.

WPCampus is an organization that focuses on WordPress in higher education. I know we’ve talked about them before but now it’s SUPER-easy for you to see what they’re all about. This coming Monday, January 23, you can join many other campus-based WordPress fans for a free (FREE) online conference devoted to WordPress in higher ed. Brian attended the actual WPCampus conference last summer; now they’re hosting their first ever online conference, WPCampus Online on Monday. The schedule is available online – all you need to do is create a Crowdcast account and sign into the sessions you want to attend.  My session on The Making of a Web Team is on the agenda if you’re interested, but there are many other more interesting, insightful, and technical topics planned for Monday that you should check out.

Hope to see you online on Monday!