Sprang Break

Happy spring from OIT Design! Birds are chirping, dogwoods are in bloom and new client sites are frolicking in the breeze. We’ve had a busy month with several new client sites launching and several more on the way soon. Here’s a look at some of the items were working on as we leave the winter months behind…

WordPress 4.7.2

WordPress 4.7 opened some exciting new functionalities but like any new version rollout, there are a few bumps in the road. The most recent WordPress update, 4.7.2, has addressed the security issues that have been identified. If you’re receiving this email, you are one of our clients and we have already updated you to 4.7.2. However there may be some WordPress sites on campus that are lagging behind. If you are aware of any such site please let the administrator know it’s time for an update, and feel free to contact us if you need any help.

New Client Sites

We’ve launched shiny new sites for Materials Management, Finance and Administration, The Non-Wovens Institute and The Institute for Emerging Issues. We worked closely with talented professionals from each group to design these sites and we’re quite proud of the results. Have a look and let us know what you think!

WordCamp Raleigh 2017

WordCamp Raleigh will be April 22nd & 23rd at The College of Engineering on Centennial Campus. WordCamp is a casual, locally organized conference dedicated to all things WordPress. We had fun and learned a lot at last year’s conference back in October, and that’s also where we met our newest recruit, Miles! For more information on the event, to volunteer, or to purchase tickets visit WordCamp Raleigh.


We’ve gotten a lot of questions recently about email newsletters and bulk email. Remember that OIT manages a campus agreement with Bronto. Bronto is a Durham, NC-based company that specializes in mass email. Bronto allows groups at NC State with large mailing needs to customize, target and monitor their communications. By offering a streamlined and uniform solution for large mailings, Bronto helps campus clients control the cost of email marketing and reduces vulnerabilities associated with spam and phishing attacks. It’s a great tool if you’re sending >2,000 emails/day or at any one time; also great tool if you need detailed tracking of clicks, open rate, etc. For details, visit https://oit.ncsu.edu/campus-it/email/bronto/.


You probably recently received an email about Two Factor Authentication (2FA) at NC State. 2FA is an important step OIT is taking to keep your NC State accounts and the whole campus community safe, with Google 2-Step protecting your Google account and Duo protecting your Shibboleth accounts.

You are/should be using Shibboleth to log into WordPress, so your website will also be safer when you and all of your users enroll in 2FA. Insecure passwords are the most common security weaknesses on a WordPress website, and 2FA goes a long way toward fixing that. For more details, visit go.ncsu.edu/2fa.

Ledger 5

Lastly, we were recently informed that we will no longer be permitted to accept Ledger 5 funds as payment for our services. If you are allocating Ledger 5 funds to pay us, now is a good time to start planning for the next fiscal year. Contact Jen if you need more information – jmriehle@ncsu.edu.

That’s all for this month! Go outside and breathe the air (before the pollen rolls in).

If you haven’t already, go enroll in 2FA! »