Jen Out

Hello faithful OIT Design followers! Most of you have probably already heard but I’m on the cusp of delivering my first child. It’s been a long nine months (it’s really ten months, you know) and I’m glad to be coming to the end of it. As you can probably imagine I’m very curious to meet the creature that is so awesome at kicking my ribs and forcing acid reflux. Seems like a delight, huh?

I will be unavailable in the office and at co-working starting May 5, and while I plan to work remotely until the baby comes that date is unknown. The good news is Brian and Miles, and our awesome part-timers, are still available to assist you. If you have questions about your site, or need help, please email If you have more generic web or WordPress questions and aren’t sure who to contact, visit NCSU Help Desk. And come July 1, if you’re looking for billing for any of our services, sit tight. You’ll be hearing from me in mid-late July on our bill and SLAs.

Thanks folks! Have a wonderful summer!