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We’re hiring! You (yes, you!) can join OIT Design & Web Services and build better websites for NC State.

What is OIT Design & Web Services?

OIT Design & Web Services is part of the Outreach, Communications and Consulting unit of NC State University’s Office of Information Technology (OIT). We are a web design and development group serving both the central IT office and the broader campus community.


What do we do?

We essentially function as a web consulting firm that serves only NC State clients. That means you will:

  • Write and maintain custom WordPress themes and plugins for campus
  • Maintain campus WordPress environments (both single-installs and multisites)
  • Provide fast, high-quality support for NC State WordPress users!


What else do we do?

Beyond WordPress development, we’re a key resource of web knowledge and best practices for both our colleagues in the Office of Information Technology and the rest of campus. That means you might:

  • Advise campus web clients on best practices for content management, usability, and accessibility
  • Provide in-person and online training on the basics of WordPress, WordPress security, content management, and more
  • Collaborate on web projects with our IT colleagues in the colleges, University Communications, DASA, DELTA, Campus Enterprises, and elsewhere
  • Maintain OIT’s own web properties, including
  • Support OIT’s web hosting services and communications strategies
  • Help make OIT services usable, accessible, and branded


What else does this position do?

This position is partially funded by the Office of Research, Innovation and Economic Development. We help ORIED staff maintain their web properties, and this position often takes the lead on ORIED-related projects.

(But you wouldn’t just be the ORIED person in an OIT office! We’re a collaborative web team and we all work closely with our friends in ORIED.)


What are we looking for in this hire?

Energy! Enthusiasm! Eagerness to learn! Other “E” things!

We are looking for someone who is an active and engaged member of our team but who’s also comfortable working independently and taking the lead on new projects.

You need to have experience with web design and development, and experience in WordPress. Experience with WordPress multisites or Enterprise-level WordPress environments are a plus.

And since we support students, faculty, and staff across the university, strong communication skills are a must.

The ideal candidate is going to have experience with:

  • WordPress multisite
  • WordPress security
  • Web accessibility
  • Usability
  • Standards-based web design using HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript
  • Photoshop or other graphics editors
  • Public speaking or training

But if you don’t have experience in those areas, that’s okay! Tell us about what you’re great at, what you want to learn, and why you’d like to be a part of our team.


What else should applicants know?

The position is listed as a time-limited, 1-year appointment. This has to do with how the position is funded—the position has to be renewed annually, and we can’t guarantee anything except in one-year increments. But at this time we intend to renew it every year.


Join us at NC State!

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