December Updates

Happy December! Anyone else wondering where the past year has gone? It’s been a busy one, with lots of changes and the hits keep coming…

We lost our David!

For those of you wondering why this message just isn’t as funny as usual it’s not my fault! Our beloved part-timer David, who wrote most of our monthly updates, gave notice a few weeks ago and has already left us for greener grass. He’ll be working as an assistant editor at The Philanthropy Journal and we are, of course, SUPER excited for him and oh, so proud! We also hate him and he is dead to us. I mean we’re kidding, of course, but you guys are the one who have to suffer through these boring monthly updates now. So without further delay…

Boring Update #1: Training & Conferences

It’s been a great fall for training, development, and conferences! In November Jen got to (ok, it was a requirement) attend Management training! So Miles and Brian are looking forward to lots of inspiring motivation now – they’re very excited.
In early December Brian travelled to Nashville for WordCamp US which is THE thing to do if you’re a WordPress Nerd (we are). Brian was invited to speak about accessibility, and he also got a (metaphorical) front-row seat to hear our intrepid WordPress leader Matt Mullenwag talk about the future of WordPress. Notably, changes are coming to the WordPress Editor — stay tuned for an update on these changes and how we’re preparing for that transition.

Boring Update #2: cPanel Migrations

Since you’ve got Jen writing this you get to hear about Web Services stuff (the other, other part of my job). Our Web Services team is working on transitioning cPanel clients to new servers, complete with updated versions of Apache and PHP. These migrations are already underway and some of you (you know who you are!) have already been moved to a new server – hope you’re lovin’ it! The rest of you will hear from us at some point in the spring as we work to migrate the remaining servers. If you’re interested in extra-credit feel free to read more about this transition on the OIT cPanel Migration site.

(Less) Boring Update #3: Hiring

In addition to looking for a new David (know someone? Send us a resume!), we’re also hiring for a new Miles. No, Miles didn’t quit (exactly), he just moved into a shiny new position as a Web Developer! Congratulation Miles!
So now we’re in the process of hiring a Web Design/Support team member. The position just closed but we have some great applicants and are elbow-deep into cover letters and resumes. Hopefully we’ll be back with an introduction to a new person in the new year!


Lots of other fires being juggled but I’ll stop here for now. We’re working hard to finish up projects before the break and looking forward to hitting the ground running with loads of work for the new year. We hope all of you have a very merry holiday season and a wonderful, relaxing winter break. Thanks for a great year!