New Fiscal Year, New Fiscal Fun!

It’s that time again… New fiscal year, new OIT Design contract! We’re always delighted for the opportunity to support you and your sites! We hope we’re able to make your job just a little easier, whether by taking some tasks off your plate or just being available in times of stress (don’t panic!).

If you’re a recent client with us, this is the time of year when we reach out to talk about your web needs through the end of the new fiscal year, June 30, 2019. For many of you, all you’ll need is continuing maintenance and support of your site(s). For others, you may have upcoming projects that need a web presence, improvements or features you’ve been dreaming of, usability testing or an accessibility review. We want to speak to all of you about those plans, but here are a few useful things to mention before we do…


As you probably all know (because we don’t stop talking about it), WordPress is releasing an update to its content editor in the coming months (currently scheduled for late August – September). Some of you will find the change minimally inconvenient, especially if you’ve already done some Gutenberg training. Others will have some pretty major changes required of their themes and/or plugins to make the transition. This is something we’ll talk about with each of you as we plan for the new year.

One of the things we anticipate folks needing help with is the actual transition of content to Gutenberg. It’s generally pretty easy to do (check out some video tutorials), but if you have a lot of pages, or some complexity to your layouts, it can be challenging and/or time-consuming.

Therefore we’re adding a new service for this year – Gutenberg Transitioning. We’ll take care of transitioning your pages to Gutenberg so you don’t have make that change for all the existing content in your site. This will be a flat fee of $100 for a site up to 50 pages; $50 more for each additional 50 pages in the site. You can see this, and our other charges on our Pricing page.

What do you need?

Each new fiscal year we like to start by talking through your needs for the coming 12 months. While I’ll definitely be talking to each of you directly about your needs, it’s helpful to have a starting point.

Therefore we’ve made a short form available for you to complete: Client/Project Intake. This should be a 2-minute process and will hopefully help me communicate with all of you as efficiently as possible once I know more about the scope of your needs for this year.

Report a Problem

Speaking of forms, some of you may have noticed a new link – Report a Problem to OIT – on the bar at the top of your WordPress dashboard. This is our new OIT Design and Web Services Client Plugin, and it should be installed and enabled for all our clients.

WordPress toolbar with "Report a Problem to OIT" link.

Right now it’s pretty simple – this link will take you to a form that you can use for submitting issues or bugs you find in your site. For the most part it’s the same thing as emailing, however the form should help us collect some extra information about your site. And we’re hoping to add more features to this plugin as we go: basic analytics data, accessibility warnings, open tickets or projects, plus news and updates from our group.

We can’t wait to put it to good use so please try it out (when you have the need!) and if you don’t see the link let us know!

Staff and Communications

In case you missed, it we welcomed a new full-timer in January of this year. Lauren Etheridge has been an awesome addition to the team and you’ll be seeing her contributions as we work on Gutenberg solutions. YAY LAUREN!

And we’re continuing to utilize the skills of our OIT interns; this semester we’re joined by the amazing Maya Roy, and delighted to continue working with Wenting Zheng. Our fabulous grad student David Mueller graduated and moved on (we’re proud and devastated). We’re pleased to introduce Kaitlin Porter, who will be stepping into his role providing great support and communication skills. Don’t be surprised if you see emails, documentation, and blogs posts from these folks!

Don’t forget, there’s lots of ways to talk to us…

  • As ever, will reach all of us, including our part-timers.
  • If you have a specific question (or lots of them!), please remember our weekly office hours, 9am-noon on Friday mornings in Avent Ferry 106.
  • We’re always happy to chat by phone or over Google Hangout for a quick check-in or demonstration.
  • You can email me directly for questions about a specific project or billing issue –
  • And don’t forget to visit our website, There, you’ll find documentation, information about us, our classes, and office hours, plus blog posts by our staff with web resources, conference experiences, team updates and more.


You made it to the end of the email — good job! Please don’t forget to fill out our Client/Project Intake form for the new year. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Thanks folks! Happy 2018-2019!