Accessibility & Usability Feedback

Hey folks! Usability and accessibility are a big deal to us EVERY day, but as it happens we’re focusing on them in a more public way for the next few weeks and we have some opportunities to hear from you.


First up, World Usability Day is coming up and to help us “celebrate” we’re joining forces with OIT’s Accessibility Coordinator for No-Mouse November. We’ll be at our usual office hours this Friday, Nov. 9 working with Crystal Tenan as we show you how to run an accessibility report and how to test your sites and make your web pages more accessible.


Secondly, we’re into the testing phase of our NC State Blocks project. These are going to replace our Shortcode “Post Elements” tool in the coming era of Gutenberg, allowing users to add campus branded elements with blocks.

In order to help us make sure these are ready for prime time we’re currently running Usability tests to see how our users add and work with the blocks in Gutenberg. This will take 30 minutes of your time, and we will be recording your screen as you attempt to build a new Gutenberg page. If you’re willing to be our guinea pig please use the link below to complete a short questionnaire and sign up for a time. We don’t have anything to give you other than a sneak peek at the plugin, and of course our eternal gratitude for your time and input – positive and negative. 

Thanks for reading and have a very usable day. <3