Client check-ins and Team Updates!

Good morning!

It’s a new academic and fiscal year and we’re excited to get rolling! As many of you know this is the time of the year where we make plans for the months ahead and check to see if you need assistance with your website(s).

Project Intake and Planning

To simplify this process we have a form (above) that folks can fill out to help us start to get a feel for what you need. This should take only a minute or two and if we need any more information we’ll be in touch via your preferred method of communication.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

We’ll be revising our SLAs some this year. As many of you know our current SLA has been the same for many year sand reflects a somewhat outdated list of our phases of work.

This year we’re updating and adding our new Standards of Service to the document. This statement outlines our expectations and goals for all projects, in an effort to clearly define the priorities of our unit and how we work. As ever, we would love feedback so please let us know your thoughts or concerns.

How to Find Us

It’s been a busy year – as usual! As most of you know Brian works for us remotely. In late June Brian moved from working remotely in Boston to working remotely in Chicago as his wife took a job at DePaul. Congrats!

In other exciting news, our offices in the basement of the Hillsborough Building flooded in late August and we’re now living nomad lifestyles. Brian is teaching us the ways of remote working and we continue to be available on Friday morning’s for office hours in room 106 of the Avent Ferry Technology Complex. That said, for the most part we’re not on campus regularly and we’ll be more likely to be available for a Google Hangout or a Zoom meeting rather than face-to-face. Also our phone access is not great so email is certainly the best way to reach us for the next month or so. Keep an eye on our website for updates regarding our location and return to our space.

Thanks, everyone! Hope you all have a great year!

– Jen, Brian, Miles, Lauren & our intern team