Standards of Service

We believe that a successful relationship requires understanding and a clear statement of the expectations of both parties. It’s important to us that your experience with us is a good one – not just for one project, but all the time.

With that in mind we’re sharing this statement in an effort to define clear expectations for you – and for us – regarding how we work and what goes into our decision-making process. This is a living document and always a work-in-progress; we would love feedback. Please submit any questions or concerns via our Contact form. And if you ever feel that our relationship need discussion, please always feel free to write to our team lead (Brian DeConinck) or our director (Stan North Martin).

Your rights as a client…

Clear Communication

Clients are entitled to know the status of their website, the environment it’s hosted in, and the way it’s built and maintained. If you ever have questions about your site(s) we’re happy to explain how things work, the decisions we’ve made, and why. We will always communicate our plans for keeping your web environment up-to-date, and our strategies for staying on top of the most recent tools and technologies available.


At least once a year we want to talk to all our clients. We need to know your status, and the needs you have for the next 6-12 months. And you need to know what’s coming from both WordPress generally, and campus specifically.

This may mean a conversation at the new fiscal year, or it may mean touching base once your grant is renewed, your students have settled in, or your new communications/web staff is on board. We can work with your schedule, but we want to make sure we’re on the same page.

That said, we are always happy to talk to our clients. If you have a website need or question, we encourage you to use the “Report a Problem to OIT” link in the toolbar on the backend of your site. You can also always email Either of these will put you in our priority queue and we will respond as quickly as we can to address your request.

Effective Solutions

Our priority is to provide all our clients with high-quality websites, that are accessible, branded, and secure. We aim to solve problems with the most possible efficiency, always seeking ways to improve your processes as they relate to the web. We understand the importance of providing dynamic and meaningful interactions via your website and we want to help you achieve that.

Clear Billing & Fees

We endeavor to be as up-front as possible about our costs and the fees we charge for our work. Our pricing, and the services it covers, are explained on our website. New projects costs are not included on that page as that work is extremely variable, however we’re happy to discuss a project and work-up a quote at any time.

Website Ownership

Your website belongs to you, we just work there. We won’t tie you down to a proprietary system or lock you into something only we can support. We never want to lose a client! But if some day you decide to work with someone else, you can trust that your website is yours to manage.

Our rights as service providers…

Clear Communication

The number one thing that causes a delay or a problem with a project is miscommunication.

Whether working on a new project or making minor changes, we need complete and accurate information in order to be able to make a decision, offer advice, or complete an update. When you reach out to use please be sure to include the following:

  • Your name and where you can be contacted
  • The URL of the website and/or page(s) that you need assistance with
  • Details about the problem/features you’re looking for. We don’t need a solution, but we do need to know what success looks like for you and your site.


The number two thing that causes delays with a project is a lack of responsiveness.

While we can do a lot to help you with your website, you remain the owner of that website. In many cases we either don’t want to make a change without clear confirmation, or we’re unable to if we’re lacking the necessary information. Please — whether it’s a small request or part of a large-scale migration — keep in touch. If you get delayed we’ll understand, but we do want to be able to plan for that, and work with you on updates to the schedule as-needed.

We require timely billing and signature of our Service Level Agreement (SLA), whether for new work or annual maintenance and support.


We will always do the best we can to solve your problems and address your concerns in a timely manner. We understand that there are times when priorities shift, updates fail, and misunderstanding happen. Your website can certainly be a source of stress, especially when already trying to address a stressful situation. And we know that our answers may not always be the ones you hope to hear.

Regardless of these challenges, we deserve respect and patience. Especially in times of stress we require clear and accurate communication, and time to address issues as they arise. If you’re unhappy with us, we promise to give you the opportunity to let us know — even to let our bosses know. But we do reserve the right to sever a contract with a client who does not communicate respectfully with the members of our team.