We like to make sure the things we build are usable. Crazy, I know.

We’re working to provide documentation for most, if not all, the themes and plugins we’ve built. Some themes that are privately developed for a client may not be included, or ma have limited access, but most other projects are available. If there’s a plugin or theme that we’ve built that you have questions about, please let us know and we’ll do our best to respond, and to share that information as well.

You can view each GitHub repository or view all of OIT Design’s projects at NCSU Github (NCSU campus login required). Note that access to view some repositories is restricted.

General Information

Campus Themes & Plugins

OIT Design has created the following themes and plugins for general campus use. The documentation below describes installation, basic usage, and other useful information.



Client Projects

For campus units who have contracted with OIT Design for custom themes or plugins, we provide documentation for any features or conventions beyond core WordPress functionality.

Division of Academic and Student Affairs

Office of Research, Innovation, and Economic Development

NC State Human Resources

Office of Information Technology

  • OIT (theme) | GitHub
  • NC State Color My Data (plugin) | GitHub
  • VCL Extensions (plugin) | GitHub
  • OIT ClassTech Classrooms (plugin) | GitHub
  • Housing Extensions (plugin) | GitHub