Hillsborough Theme Overview

A WordPress theme is a collection of files that work together to help you control the look and presentation of the material on your website. Themes give you global control over navigation, page layouts, fonts, HTML elements, colors, image display and more.

For more information about WordPress themes, visit the WordPress Codex.

Hillsborough is a multi-purpose WordPress theme designed exclusively for NC State by OIT Design. It is freely available to any campus unit through our hosted WordPress and free blog environments. Hillsborough was specifically designed to meet university brand and accessibility guidelines and can be easily installed  from the dashboard of your WordPress site.

For information on creating your own campus WordPress site, visit getontheweb.ncsu.edu

Installation and Theme Options

Follow the links below for instructions on how to install and customize the Hillsborough theme.

 NC State Branding

Using the Hillsborough Theme will ensure that the page layouts, color palette and typefaces on your site comply with the university brand requirements.  While you are ultimately responsible for the voice, tone, imagery, and other content-focused brand requirements, you shouldn’t need to make any modifications to your theme in order to meet brand guidelines.

For more information about the university brand, visit brand.ncsu.edu


Hillsborough has been evaluated using WAVE, aXe, and Tenon, and has been reviewed by NC State’s IT Accessibility Coordinator. To keep your content accessible, consider using a WordPress accessibility plugin like wA11y to perform regular checks as part of your routine.

For more information on accessibility at N.C. State visit accessibility.ncsu.edu