Content Owners

Content owners ensure that content stays up-to-date and accurate. Content owners receive out-of-date content notifications when a page reaches its expiration date, and are responsible for reviewing and updating page content.

Setting a content owner

Select the appropriate content owner in the dropdown in the Content Owner metabox.

Screenshot of content owner dropdown

Best Practice: ServiceNow Assignment Groups

When possible, the content owner you choose should be a ServiceNow assignment group. Assigning your page to a group (rather than an individual) ensures that someone will be prompted to review and update the content in that page, even if you leave the university.

My ServiceNow assignment group is not listed.

Contact the Help Desk with the name of the ServiceNow assignment group that needs to be added to WordPress. Requests are typically processed within one day.

There isn’t a ServiceNow group that should own this content.

  • Request a new ServiceNow assignment group
    ServiceNow provides an auditable record to verify that someone is receiving out-of-date content notifications, reviewing content, and making the appropriate updates. You can request a new ServiceNow group by contacting the Help Desk. After your new group has been created, request that it be added to WordPress.
  • Request a Google Group be added to WordPress
    In some cases, a Google Group may already be a part of the service or business process related to your page content. We encourage you to use a ServiceNow assignment group instead, but we will gladly add your Google Group to the available content owners in WordPress.
  • Assign your page to an individual
    In some rare cases, it makes sense to assign ownership to an individual rather than a group. All OIT staff are listed as available content owners. But please do this sparingly.