Parent Pages

Parent-child relationships between pages help to structure your content, with that relationship reflected in your page’s URL (eg. This is beneficial for search engine optimization and content management best practices, but also helps end users orient themselves within the website.

Top-level pages do not require parents. These include the homepage and (often) pages that appear in the main navigation menu, such as landing pages introducing a large section of the website. Only site administrators should publish new top-level pages.

Regular pages that do not have a parent are considered orphaned content. These pages do not fall into the page hierarchy of the website, and in many cases cannot be reached through the site navigation menus.

Setting your page parent

Select your page parent in the metabox labeled Page Attributes.

Screenshot of parent dropdown

NOTE: If you change the parent of an existing page, you may break links pointing to that page. After changing the parent, please email and let us know what change you made, so that we can put in place the necessary redirects.


Best Practice: Choosing the right parent

When choosing a parent page, consider the following:

  • What top-level category does this page belong under? In the main OIT website, top-level categories include:
    • My IT – IT services that can be accessed using a user’s Unity ID and password. Eg. Information about your Gmail account.
    • Campus IT – IT services and information for colleges, departments, and other campus units. This information is typically of interest to campus IT staff. Eg. Information about campus email infrastructure.
    • IT Security – Information about reporting security incidents, documentation about security processes and best practices.
    • Help & Support – End-user support, troubleshooting, and training services.
    • Governance & Strategy – Information about the university’s IT strategic plan, governance committees, and relevant stakeholders.
    • About OIT – Information about the Office of Information Technology and resources for OIT staff.
  • Within the most relevant top-level category, what existing pages are most closely related to the page you are creating?

If you are unsure of what parent to select, please email for help and advice.