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Adding Get2Factor to a Generic Account


Last Updated: 2020-11-10 16:19:20

Get2Factor (G2F) is a virtual Google Authenticator app that works for Google Generic accounts. 

Setting up Get2Factor on a Google Generic Account

NOTE: Google 2-Step verification is required before this tool can be used. Google requires that the process start with a phone number, but it is not required to keep that phone number after other second factor methods have been set up

Set up two browser windows side to side

  1. Login on the Generic Account through the Google 2-Step Verification Enrollment page
  2. Find the Authenticator app and select Set Up
  3. Choose either phone type and select Next to access the Authenticator QR code
  4. Open up a new window and login to Get2Factor (G2F)
  5. Select Account Owner Tools and then Setup G2F for Generic Google Account
  6. Drag the QR code from the Set up Authenticator page to the G2F Drag and drop QR code here space
    1. You may also select CAN’T SCAN IT? on the Authenticator app page and add the email and special key into the G2F setup page
  7. Select Next on the Authenticator app page
  8. Enter the code that appears on G2F My Codes page for the Generic Account
  9. Select Verify and then Done on the Authenticator page to complete setup

Now the Generic Account will be able to accept G2F codes for its Google Authenticator option.