Office Hours

OIT Design & Web Services hosts open office hours every other Friday morning from 10am until noon.

When are the next office hours?

How do I attend office hours?

Office hours are held virtually via Zoom for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic. You can join by visiting

What should I expect at office hours?

Office hours are often held concurrently with campus web developer co-working, meaning some weeks you’ll see other developers from around campus in addition to our team.

This is an added perk of office hours! If we don’t know how to solve your problem, the collective knowledge of web developers across campus may help. But it also means sometimes you’ll be walking into an ongoing conversation. Don’t worry about interrupting! It’s an informal crowd.

When you join the video call, ask for WordPress office hours. If one of us is free, we’ll jump into a breakout room with you! If everyone from our team is busy, please wait for someone to become available (typically no more than 10 minutes).

We’re very happy to help anyone who wants to come by, but please understand that if we don’t have access to your site or know how it was built, there may be a limit to the amount of help we can provide.

If you want to schedule a specific time to talk or make sure that one or the other of us will be available, you can email us at