WordPress Workshops & Training

In cooperation with OIT’s training team, OIT Design & Web Services leads regularly-scheduled WordPress workshops for students, faculty, and staff at NC State. Workshops are free and typically last between 1 and 2 hours.

Follow the links for each workshop below to register through REPORTER. Workshop registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Upcoming Workshops

Upcoming training workshops for this semester are listed below. To view available seats and register for a workshop, follow the links from the workshop descriptions or visit REPORTER.

Nothing from Sep 27 to Mar 26.

Workshop Descriptions

Campus training workshops may be in-person and online via YouTube Live broadcasts. When registering for a workshop, please take note of the format for the session you’re registering for. Online training still requires registration through REPORTER.

Using WordPress

Basics of WordPress

Basics of WordPress is an introduction to WordPress. In this workshop, attendees will build their own WordPress website in our free WordPress Blogs environment. They will learn about the difference between posts and pages, add sidebar widgets, choose and configure themes and plugins, and learn the basics of user management.

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this workshop.

Intermediate WordPress: Content Management

Intermediate WordPress: Content Management provides best practices and resources for building usable and accessible WordPress websites that communicate ideas effectively on the web. This includes information architecture best practices, content auditing and review, and an introduction to web accessibility.

Prerequisites: Attendees should have already completed the “Basics of WordPress” workshop, or should already have a good understanding of core WordPress functionality (posts, pages, widgets, navigation menus, themes, plugins).

Upgrading to Gutenberg

In WordPress version 5.0 (anticipated April 2018), “Gutenberg” will be officially released. Gutenberg is the next-generation WordPress post and page editor, replacing the Visual Editor that has been the default editor of WordPress for the last 12 years.

The following workshops target different campus audiences to help them prepare for this transition.

Intermediate WordPress: Gutenberg for Content Creators

Intermediate WordPress: Gutenberg for Content Creators helps prepare users who build posts, pages, and other content in WordPress.

Gutenberg takes some inspiration from popular web building services like Squarespace, Wix, and Medium by introducing a powerful new block-based interface that opens up new possibilities in layout and design. In this workshop, attendees will get to know Gutenberg, learn how to build block-based posts and pages, and get helpful tips and tricks so they can hit the ground running when Gutenberg is officially released.

Prerequisites: Have attended OIT’s “Basics of WordPress” workshop, or otherwise have experience creating and editing content in the “classic” WordPress editor. WordPress power users (eg. campus communicators and others responsible for frequent web updates) are encouraged to attend.

Intermediate WordPress: Gutenberg for Site Administrators

Intermediate WordPress: Gutenberg for Site Administrators helps prepare users who have an admin-level user on a WordPress website, support other users in their unit, and have questions about making sure their theme or plugins will be compatible with the new editor.

Gutenberg is a dramatic change from what we’re used to, and dramatic changes often mean lots of user questions. In this workshop, we’ll talk site administrators through their options when version 5.0 is released, and help them prepare for Gutenberg with data from user testing.

Prerequisites: Administrator or super-admin role on a campus WordPress website. Administrators who support other users in their unit are encouraged to attend.

Advanced WordPress: Gutenberg for Developers

Advanced WordPress: Gutenberg for Developers was a special full-day “developer retreat” for NC State web developers, held March 2018. We do not anticipate offering the workshop again at this time. However, you can view the slides from the workshop and request a custom training workshop if you would like a training session covering more advanced topics than what is currently offered in the other workshops.

Special Topics

WordPress Accessibility Helper Basics

WordPress Accessibility Helper Basics introduces attendees to core web accessibility concepts, and helps attendees get started using the NC State Accessibility Helper plugin. This tool scans for many accessibility barriers in your WordPress site and gives feedback on how to fix these barriers.

In this workshop you will learn: 

  1. How to run accessibility scans in WordPress
  2. How to read aXe accessibility scan reports 
  3. How to use the reports to update your site and remove accessibility barriers

This workshop is led jointly by OIT Design & Web Services staff and the university IT Accessibility Coordinator.

Prerequisites: Attendees should have already completed the “Basics of WordPress” workshop, or should already have a good understanding of core WordPress functionality (posts, pages, widgets, navigation menus, themes, plugins).

WordPress Security

WordPress Security is aimed at single-site administrators and multisite super-administrators. In this workshop, we discuss potential vulnerabilities, how to mitigate those vulnerabilities by “hardening” WordPress, and how to recover your website after it has been compromised.

Prerequisites: Attendees should have experience with site administration, and preferably installation, of WordPress. Familiarity with cPanel administration is helpful, but not required.

Custom Training Workshops

We also provide dedicated training sessions for your department or unit, and can work with you for a custom training session specific to your unit’s WordPress installation. You can request custom training through OIT’s training team.

Video Tutorials

Basics of WordPress

OIT Design & Web Services hosts free tutorial videos covering a variety of general WordPress topics. These videos are available to any students, faculty, and staff at NC State.

Past Online Trainings

Some past online trainings are available on our YouTube channel. Please note that we do not actively maintain or update these trainings. Over time, information in them may become out of date.